Complete Brake Repair


A complete brake service includes inspecting and replacing as needed...brake pads, rotors, calipers, brake shoes, wheel cylinders, master cylinder and all related brake hardware. We provide multi-point brake diagnostics to address wear issues and trouble shoot poor performance. We also have the capability to diagnose and repair all Anti-Lock brake systems.


We service most cars, trucks and motor homes.
On Site Rotor Resurfacing


Lets face it the last thing you want to do is put brand new pads on a bad worn rotor that looks like an old music record.  Repair shops that don't resurface just end up selling you new rotors or even worse leave the old ones on and that can be unsafe or expensive  Your Rotors are very important to ensure you have safe stopping power and noise free braking. We also offer on-the-car resurfacing for most vehicles, which not only trues the rotor, but the hub as well. (ask about this service)

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