Repairs & Maintenance


​Trouble Starting the car...

This car came in with the owner thinking the battery was bad. His car wasn't starting and he thought his dome light was draining the battery, we tested the alternator and battery and to his surprise the they were both fine. The culprit was a defective starter motor. We replaced the starter with a new unit that includes a 12 month 12,000 mile warranty... another happy customer!!

Flat Tire Troubles...

Here we are fixing a slow leak from an SUV that came in with 2 nails in the tire. This is a fairly common practice and we are well equipped to make it a breeze. 1st we inspect the tire to locate the source of the leak, remove and dismount the tire, insert a patch-plug from the inside of the tire to patch and fill the puncture, reinstall the tire to the wheel, refill to the proper pressure, then balance it on our machine for a smooth ride without vibrations.




We diagnose and repair all engine performance problems, including any "CHECK ENGINE" or "SERVICE ENGINE SOON" warning lights. We systematically inspect and test sensors, fuel injectors, spark plugs etc. that may be causing your engine to have rough idle, poor performance or failed smog test.



We are able to diagnose all cooling system deficiencies. Engine overheating, coolant leaks caused by defective coolant hoses, radiator leaks etc.



Fully capable to diagnose and repair an array of electrical issues. Including but not limited to, starting and charging systems, no start symptoms, ignition systems, lights and wiring problems, etc.

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